Tying Loose Ends (Complete: 100%)
09/10/17 at 01:18 EST

I found myself the time needed to create the Media Review page tonight, and decided to induct it with a review of KHDS. Really, I think the review might have taken me longer to write - I'll try to be more concise in the future. That Gameplay section, really, is a bit too long.

I've also done my first bit of investigation into browser cross-compatibility, by starting with an easy task: disabling IE. It is not my intention to prevent IE users from viewing this website out of intolerance; nay, Internet Explorer and CSS just don't seem to get along with each other very well. I'll save further investigations for later.

Starting tomorrow, things should start becoming volatile, but by this time next week I expect to have some sort of brief stability in my living situation before equilibrium is delivered another jarring offset.

Also: though I may be damned, I finally scored 100% completion in KHDS. 51 in-game hours + a couple more well-spent? I think so.
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