Barren Living (Day: 225)
09/10/07 at 01:04 EST

Started today off with a friendly early morning trip to ye olde lande fille. I was hoping to smash the old CRT TV and monitor by throwing them into the "Pit", alas, it was not meant to be. It seemed that computer hardware had its own neat, intact pile...

It was like Christmas...

However, I did still get to smash an old sculpture I had made. You'll find a video of that in the new Video section. Oh, that reminds me...

Website improvements. I went ahead and added a visual element to the navigation bar up there in the top left. Also added an About page, but that's really just a placeholder. I'm thinking of implementing a proper search engine today (that's still tomorrow for those of you westbound of Eastern Standard Time) just for the sake of having it.

Had to do some errands today. While that in itself is not worthy of extensive detail, I will say that it required me to get in and around town, so today was the first day I got to drive my "new" (read: used 2005 Ford Focus) car beyond the extent of "drive home from the lot". So far I'm pretty impressed with the handling of it, and the acceleration is pretty top-notch. The sound system is really the only thing I'd consider replacing at this point - standard single-disc CD player, which is okay, but the sound quality is standard. Sub-standard, in my books. I think one of the speakers is damaged or even absent; I'm picking up a softer range in the upper left than everywhere else. Oh well. It gets me from A to B, and blasts some good ol' metal while it does so.

My original excitement over the 5.50 cfw Disgaea 2 patch subsided when I encountered a problem with Parasite Eve 2. PE2 is very picky regarding which prx files it will run on, and basically every firmware post 3.40 is out of luck when it comes to booting from the flash, so you're stuck using a popsloader plugin (not that that is a problem in itself.) But when I updated from my old 3.71 to 5.50 (big jump, I know, but I didn't want to disturb my at-the-time fully-functional firmware) my popsloader plugin obviously became obsolete and I had to replace it with one compiled to run on my new firmware. That proved to be a challenge in itself, (as the many bogus seplugins folders will tell you) but after an hour of trying this or that, finally got PE2 to boot without hanging or freezing while running my 5.50 GEN-B firmware. As an added bonus, when booting with the 3.11 pops prx files, my save file remained intact and detectable. Downside to that is, the game hangs if I try to load it. I view it as a small loss: 2 hours of game time I'll have fun replaying anyway, but it may still be salvageable. I might have reached the Disc 2 overlap hack without realizing it, and the game may just be hanging because it expects me to be on Disc 2.

Modification to the EBOOT files has to be done to PE2 (meaning my legit self-compiled files would have run me into a dead end, anyhow) because the game is a multi-disc title, and the PSP, unlike its PS3 counterpart, does not offer any disc-swapping functionality. This isn't a problem for most titles, such as the PSN Popularity Queen Final Fantasy VII, but Parasite Eve 2 (ironically from the same company) offers you no chance to save in between discs, hence why the game needed modification. It makes me wonder how people downloading Metal Gear Solid off the PSN manage - the homebrew community managed to develop hacks and cheats to allow non-multi-disc eboots to get through to disc two without the swap screen. I'd hope Sony was smart enough to compile a multi-disc eboot of it, otherwise anyone looking to take MGS on the go in a completely legit fashion are getting shafted.
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Comment by user Yuki
at 09/10/07 at 12:36 EST

That is complete win~

And...hope you come back to osu soon

Comment by user Remdawg
at 09/10/08 at 2:01 EST

Yea, I would hope Sony would know better than the homebrewers.

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