Mystery Phone S
11/06/01 at 10:46 EST

I finally got a new phone this weekend, after 8 years of reliable ol' Flippy. Flippy still works, of course, and since it's Pay(tm) as you Go, I can breathe life into it at any time, but it has been replaced with a surprisingly less costly Samsung Nexus S. The plethora of features and capabilities of the phone are cool and all (it plays Starfox 64, for crying out loud) what I find more intriguing is the number itself. I've been getting text messages from people in the K/W region who think I'm someone else. All I got so far is a guy, codenamed 'fan', who might be a student of UW, taking courses in Telecommunications and/or Economics. I'm going to try to get to the bottom of this.
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