Bioshock 2 is a weird game
11/03/14 at 11:34 EST

The following is a snippet of an actual conversation I had with my brother on Steam at 4 in the morning on Saturday:

Brother: You should go to bed!

awp: But I have to abduct little girls and make them drink the blood of corpses so that I can shoot bees from my hands!

My goals in Bioshock 2 seemed innocent enough, until I tried to put it into words. I think I've just ruined my immersion in that game forever.

On the plus side, I'd recently installed Fallout Wanderer's Edition onto Fallout 3, in tandem with some other mods I've grown accustomed to, but I have to say FWE certainly increases the intensity and immersion of that particular game. I'd found my way into the Chryslus Building because I was looking for a place to sleep, and due to a mod I had installed, nights in the Wasteland are pitch black, making the great outdoors a dangerous place to be when the sun sets.

I wasn't then aware of the fact that A - there are no beds in the office building, and B - the place was infested with mutants, and before long I was drunk in the basement swinging an axe at what appeared to be hordes of Centaur triplets. Good times with whiskey and weapons.
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