Bear with me
09/09/30 at 18:52 EST

while I make a horrible pun in this post's subject title. Suffice to say I wasn't eaten by bears.

Far from it.

As I expected, I didn't even see any bears, so I was on the road for 1200km, moved some heavy (if you count 20 pounds as "heavy") boxes, cleaned up construction refuse, and trudged into a dump for essentially no reward (though I reached disc 2 in The Legend of Dragoon without needing any plugins or gamehacks to make the cross over, which was nice). It may be another year before I head back up in that direction, to boot. But it may be much, much less.

As luck would have it, news of the apartment rental I was pursuing and rather optimistic of came in as a harbinger and my application was denied. I imagine it was denied under false pretenses that cross a line of discrimination, but a lack of regulation does well to hinder my ability to throw the book around. So, it's back to square one for finding a place to live, however, that square one is moving closer and closer to the edge of the table and pretty soon, if nothing positive happens, I may actually be homeless for a spell. At least things are getting exciting around here, even if only for the worst.

So once more I've had to build another roster of apartment rental candidates. It would be nice to have something actually work out for a change, and it is a sad state of affairs when celebration is in order because something went according to plan, as if it were some great stroke of luck, some miracle of fortune bestowed upon me by a magical, merciful deity who happened to be in a good mood that day. Things are supposed to go according to plan. I don't know why things are so insistent on falling short of expectations lately, but I digress.

On the lighter side, it's nice to finally see some real recognition for To Each A Tempo! Turnabout Is Fair Play!, an osu! beatmap which I am proud to say I played a role in the creation of. This is the first time I've mentioned osu!, so I'll give a quick run-down of it: EBA/Ouendan for the PC. In more general terms, it's a community-driven freeware PC rhythm game with a commendable community. Back to the topic: it seems gonintendo, GameSetWatch, Kotaku, The Escapist and Court Records have all caught wind of this beautiful EBA / Phoenix Wright crossover tale. So while this news does absolutely nothing to fix my two pertinent issues of homelessness and unemployment, it at least makes an effort to warm my heart.

Speaking of heart, I've had a change of heart: I think next on my web-log engine to-do list would be to facilitate post editing in a more elegant manner than going directly into the server files and tinkering with them there. I don't expect it to take any longer than an hour, either.

Hmm. Actually, I feel like doing that now.

Testing the editor without backing up this file is done to demonstrate my confidence.

I buggered something up. Double-editing. I hope I don't make it even worse.

All right! Apart from the addition of a \n at the top of any post I try to edit (which I can swiftly remove) it works exactly as intended. Now, I wonder if I can remove that unwanted \n...

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