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This Will Probably Not End Well
Blog submission attempt number two
Round 3
And then it was perfect...until more bugs were found
The time has passed...
Bear with me
I don't encourage this, though
I'm just making sure I squished that parse error"bug"
What are your two cents?
Oh, sunnuvabitch
Web-log improvements (Day: 53)
Comment Moderation (Day: 74)
This Just In (Day: 74)
Tag Implementation, Round One (Day: 121)
Tag Implementation, Round Two (Day: 155)
Barren Living (Day: 225)
The Dead Walk At Six (Day: 277)
Frozen In Time (End of Days)
Still Going (Complete: 73%)
Tying Loose Ends (Complete: 100%)
Stepping Out
Captured Memory
Refactory Warranty
The Handy Cheapskate's Corner: Save Battery Replacement
We've moved!
Recognizing a familiar IP
IP Recognition Completed
Nothing-A-Day 07
Nothing-A-Day 11
Nothing-A-Day 17
Nothing-A-Day 21
Nothing-A-Day 22
Cloudy with a chance of syntax errors



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